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In 1972 the Wouhra Brothers had a vision of bringing authentic, high quality foodstuffs to the growing Asian market and East End Foods was born. More than four decades later East End Foods has become a valued supplier to independent Asian grocery stores as well as major supermarkets including Tesco, Waitrose and Asda.

In the 50s and 60s there was a surge of Asians coming to the UK from India, Pakistan an East Africa – the lack of their favourite foodstuffs, pulses and spices, made home-cooked food that tasted as it should almost impossible.

The five Wouhra brothers, Trilok, Tony, Jas, David and Don, took action and opened a small store in Wolverhampton, stocking raw ingredients and dried goods to supply the demand for Asian flavours.

The demand grew and so did the business and now East End Foods is a nationally known wholesale business.

The Wouhra brothers started to actively resource the best products available from growers worldwide. The result is a reputation for excellence and the growth of the company to be one of the UK’s largest specialists for spices, lentils, pulses and rice.

The secret is in their control of the production from start to finish – their dedication to premium quality goods means that you can create the dishes tasting just as good as the ones your grandparents cooked back in India or Pakistan.

East End Foods is now the leading supplier of Asian foods in the UK providing the nation with flavours from around the world.

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